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ASAHI SH 1.70 42X30 BOX OF 12

ASAHI SH 1.70 42X30 BOX OF 12

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Medium hard plate available in analog and digital

Asahi‘s AFP™-SH/DSH is a hard flexo plate available in analogue and digital versions for excellent printing quality and high durability. Its improved mechanical stability and excellent ink transfer behaviour in combination with low highlight dot gain makes the SH/DSH plate of choice for quality printers. The AFP™-SH/DSH plate is primarily used in printing flexible packaging and labels but is also excellent for complex jobs where its quality and durability make the difference.



  • Balanced reproduction of large tonal areas, text and halftone elements on film, foil and coated surfaces.
  • Short platemaking time and easy handling for improved quality.
  • Excellent tonal range improves printing results.
  • Excellent resistance to UV and solvent-based inks.
  • Steep shoulder relief and very good intermediate depths for minimal dot gain